Reading list

30 Jul

What’s on my To-Read List:

DESIGNING FOR INTERACTION Dan Saffer (LIU Norrkoping on hold) didn’t finish – rather basic
Universal Principles of Design (LIU Norrkoping reserved)
Dealers of Lightning: Xerox PARC and the Dawn of the Computer Age
The Art of Human-Computer Interface Design (LIU Valla bibliotek)

Thoughts on Interaction Design (Kolko)

Thoughtful Interaction Design (Lowgren/Stolterman)
Humane Interface by Jef Raskin (TekNat PU)
Information Visualization: Perception for Design by Colin Ware (TekNat 152)
Social Psychology & Exploring Social Psychology by Myers (HumSam 302, Norrk, Hälsouniv 302)
Essential Cognitive Psychology by Alan Parkin

Architecture – Francis Ching (Hum Sam)
The Art of 3-dimensional Design – Louis Wolchonok (Hum Sam)

Bauhaus 1919-1933 (Hum Sam)
Design for the real world Papanek (HumSam Plan 2)
Design for the Digital Age by Kim Goodwin (HumSam 745.2)
Universal Principles of Design (Tek Nat)
Cradle to Cradle (TekNat)
The Laws of Simplicity (e-book)
Graphic Design: The new basics (e-book)

*Don’t make me think – Steve Krug (Norrkoping)
Envisioning information – Tufte (Norrkoping)
Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst (Norrkoping)

A list of interaction design books from the Experience Design MFA program:

A list of usability and interface design books:
About Face 3. The Essentials of Interaction Design by Alan Cooper, Robert Reimann and David Cronin (ebook)

The Semantic Turn
Geometry of Design
The Elements of User Experience by Jesse James Garret
Web Anatomy: Interaction Design Frameworks that Work by Robert Hoekman, Jr and Jared Spool
Designing Interfaces by Jenifer Tidwell
UX Design: For User Experience Designers in the field or in the making. by Russ Unger and Carolyn Chandler
‘Designing for the Digital Age’ by Kim Goodwin (HumSam-biblioteket & TekNat 005.43 & ebook)
About Face 3. The Essentials of Interaction Design by Alan Cooper, Robert Reimann and David Cronin (ebook & HumSam 005.43)
The Inmates are Running the Asylum


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