Ways of increasing creativity when designing automobiles

31 Jul

Courtsey of Lars Falk from Volvo Cars, who tutored one of my industrial design projects while I was studying in Jönköping.

  1. Select a time during the day or night when ideas come easily.
  2. Sketch in side elevation.
  3. Make each design different than the one preceeding it.
  4. Use a sketching technique you are comfortable with.
  5. Do not make variations of a design theme until you have exhausted your original idea sketches.
  6. Sketch when you are relaxed and there is no pressure to produce a design. (Some designers work better under pressure.)
  7. When you run out of ideas, take a break and try again later, or work on anther assignment that does not require creativity. (Give the right side of your brain a rest.)
  8. Change proportions, wheelbase, perspective, or location on the body mass.
  9. Have a specific goal or theme to work to.
  10. Re-arrange the basic components: engine, passengers, wheels (2-3, or 4)
  11. Define the problem you are trying to solve.
  12. Share ideas with your peers and seek their opinions.
  13. If the assignment is unpleasant, don’t procrastinate, do it now!
  14. Change your basic approach: If your designs are soft with curved lines, try some ideas that are angular, crisp, light, linear, organic, modular, asymmetrical or crazy.
  15. Look for good design in other modes of transportation: racing cars, motorcycles, racing boats, aircraft.
  16. Do not be afraid of being laughed at. All great ideas were laughed at when first presented. Any idea that is truly original will look strange at first.
  17. Do not be discouraged if no ideas come. The best of designers suffer the same experience.
  18. If none of the above suggestions works you may want to consider another profession that is more suitable to your strengths and skills.

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