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Design criticism: travel e-book

9 Jul

I bought a copy of Lonely Planet’s e-book for my recent trip to Crete, and I can say I was thoroughly underwhelmed… Paperback travel books are so much better. It was really hard to get any kind of overview in an e-book, and I kept losing my bookmarks to all the important sections that I wanted to flag. The bookmarking, flagging, highlighting and note taking capabilities on the e-book on an ipad really sucked. As well, all the advantages one might expect of the electronic format really weren’t used at all. The maps were much worse than a printed map, as you couldn’t see any kind of detail on it without zooming into the photo. But once zoomed in, you couldn’t see the legend! 

For my next trips I will NOT consider an e-book. 

I wonder if there’s a possibility to develop a better e-book? Possible idea for a future project.