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The next thing in interaction design? Designing system behaviours

5 Jan

In Smashing Magazine a great article about how AI will change design: https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2017/01/algorithm-driven-design-how-artificial-intelligence-changing-design/

The article references a source “Interaction designers vs. algorithms” by Giles Colborne, and following the rabbit hole of links, blogs on cxpartners about…

Interaction design in the age of algorithms

User experience in 2017 – what will happen?


My takeaways:

  • The role of the designer is to facilitate and look after the output, working together with engineers about inputs versus outputs. What is it ultimately that the user wants to know, learn, achieve?  What inputs matter the most?
  • Conversational interfaces. Human-like without being misleading, without bad manners. Look at chatbots, which ones are seamlessly being accepted? (obviously not MS Clippy)
  • Mobile is the future (great to have confirmation of what I already felt!)

Platform thinking, not screen design


Right now I can’t find the source where I uncovered this, but…

  • 2017 is about Designing systems. 2016 was about User Experience. 2015 was about …(already forgot… hopefully I manage to track down the original source)